Startup is a company in the early stage of development.

Potential for changing to the  SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) requires to initiate and follow the  strong IT Road Map, specially managed IT solution.

Managed IT Solution, provides the great monitoring on hardware devices, application, cyber security, data resource. networking  which  is vital to any startups.

Cloud services may be brought the most valuable changes to succeed startup's business.

NIA IT Groups with more than 30 years of experiences and taking part as an IT Key personal in international  & large scale projects leads you to this achievement.Our main suggestion,  focus on the affordable Managed IT  Solution.

We help you First,  Define the strategic planning and prepare for the following action plans based on your current status, technical capacity, requirements, goals, visions :


1- Competition policy.

1-1 Social Media integrated services.

1-2 Social Media Networking sites.

1-3 Facebook application development for your startup.

2- BPM(Business Process Management )

2-1  Model management and analytics,

translate strategy into key performance measures.

2-2  Business Process

     2-2-1  Identify the main process.
     2-2-2 Define the sub process for main process.
    2-2-3  Implement on designated tools.


2- 3 Data mining

(data mining as a process of analyzing data from several perspectives and summarizing it into useful information)

2-4  Business Process Mining

       (Effective system governance,by Combining Business Process Management with Data Mining).




3- Risk management and compliances.

”A process , effected by an entity’s board of directors , management and other personnel, applied in strategy setting and across the enterprise , designed to identify potential events that may affect the entity, and manage risks to be within its risk appetite , to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of entity objectives ” - COSO ERM www . coso . org


4- E-Commerce.

4-1 Digital Marketing.

4-2 Business Website.

4-3 Custom Web Applications, support Website.

4-3-1 Supply chain management.

4-3-2 Order tracking.

4-3-3 Contracts.

4-3-4 Finance.

4.4 Cloud base applications

Collection of powerful and affordable cloud's application e.g :

4-4-1 Bitrix24.

4-4-2 Stack.

4-4-3 Wave.

4-4-4 Pay pal.

4-4-5 Google Drive.

and more ….

5- Managed IT Solution.

5-1  Remotely manages a startup's IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems.

5-2  365/24/7 Proactive Monitoring on applications and infrastructure of cloud computing.

5-3 Unlimited Remote Support.


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