Lets start with WikiPedia complete definition of Web application:

Application software (app for short) is computer software designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user.

Web Application:

Dramatic and sudden changes in market could leads to reduce the functionality of all business Websites, the best solution seems, using the custom web applications to apply changes immediately. Although 3RD party applications may be helpful in many cases but in the critical situation you cannot change the application business module to coordinate your organization units and mitigate the risks.

We have a great experience on Micro Soft ASP.Net Web application framework for any Mid to Large scale projects, it’s very safe, Anti hack & Reliable. Our domains knowledge Comprise; finance, Banking, logistic, health care, insurance plus technical experiences for special architect for Asp.net, EF6, Code first, generic repository, inversion of control, could be helpful.

Solution Architect for Web Application:

Integrating Web Application.


Custom Web Application.

.Net Web Application.

Enterprise Web Application (Mid to Large scale).

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